With 35 years of experience, DKC Architects, Inc. has cultivated valuable, long term relationships with many industry professionals and specialists. They are considered an integral part of the DKC Architects, Inc. team, and have proven highly reliable in the completion of projects of any type and scope.



The success of every architectural project comes down to relationships.  The relationship of one space to another, one material to another, and most importantly, the relationships between people.  DKC Architects, Inc. is focused first on building a positive and creative foundation with clients and ultimately a winning design solution.


We thrive on constraints. A common misconception in the architecture world is that budgets, schedules, public process,

and other real-world factors stifle creativity. We believe just the opposite, that true architectural invention resides in the

creative response to real-world limits. In our work, we  have found  that greater engagement with a  project’s  specific constraints; budgetary or structural, cultural or contextual, results in greater design integrity.



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